Following questions are frequently asked. Please contact us to other questions.

Q: I would like to buy a house with Hire Purchase structure, what are the requirements?

A person who is applying must provide valid reasons as to why. For monthly payment, a person must pay principle and interest depending on the value of the house.

Q: Although I have income, but I am a Cruise-liner. So what documents should I provide?

If you are a cruise liner, you have to provide the last 1 year salary income including bank statement, pay slips and any other related documents. You also should provide the collateral (eg. Document of ownership car (or) Land and Building)

Q: With hire purchase structure what are the lists of thing I can buy? Is there a flyer?

Please visit Pristine Global Finance’s Office and Pristine Global Finance’s Website for information.

Q: There are a lot of questions aside from bank references, what are the differences?

We want to make sure to provide the best negotiation for your loan that even bank cannot provide; Pristine Global Finance does with faster service and lower interest rate. For your benefit Pristine Global Finance guarantee to provide interest rate that is not difference to bank.

Q: If I work under government instead of Managing Director’s recommendation, can provide if from someone else?

In that case, you can ask the department head for employment verification letter and copy of your employee card.

Q: In case if Managing Director cannot come to meeting for staff loan, can I apply with Managing Director and HR recommendation with company letterhead?

Your staff loan can be applied. Pristine Global Finance will set up an appointment with the Managing Director and recommendation.

Q: In the case a house is collateral, what will be the valuation?

Pristine Global Finance management team will determine the valuation of the property.

Q: If there is a past due fee, can I pay for two month fees for the following month?

If there is a past due fee, you must pay a fine for each day you missed.

Q: What is the difference between Hire Purchase and Loan?

“Hire Purchase” must be pay both principle and interest monthly, where “Loan” must only interest by monthly.

Q: If it is not enough by other collateral in case of buying a house by Hire Purchase, can I used this house’s documents as a collateral until the payment is finished?

The house which is bought by Hire Purchase can’t accept as collateral. You have to provide the document of monthly income, if necessary also other collaterals.